Growing in Grace - Missions Program

Through Social Media, we connect with men and women of God from all over the world. But, we not only want to communicate with these ministers, evangelists, teachers and prison chaplains and help them grow but provide them help for their congregations to grow spiritually. God has made this connection through technology available for a purpose, to reach the lost all over the world.

Support our Growing in Grace - Missions Program, where we provide Bibles, spiritual books, pamphlets, magazines, and literature to ministers and workers who are thrilled to receive them free of charge.

Why call it Growing in Grace? Through God's blood grace, we have all the faith, love, hope, help, and peace of Heaven. Through the Grace of God, we have found healing for soul, mind, and body, and this is where they will find it too. This grace is what we must bring to people all over this world.

We offer different levels for your donation or you can choose to donate whatever amount God lays on your heart.

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